• W. A. Mozart

    The Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano
    Manara-Voghera Duet
    12 and 13 October

Why the complete Sonatas for piano and violin by Mozart?

After almost 30 years of human and artistic association, this Mozart marathon represents for our Duet, not so much a challenge, as the testimony of a deep musical understanding.
Mozart’s Sonatas represent the first example of the literature for this formation in which the two instruments are treated equally in the compositional writing. A timbral, dynamic, contrapuntal dialogue that always sees them as main actors but with interchangeable roles: the first masterpieces for duo. It is therefore easy to understand why these Sonatas are always present in the artistic path of the interpreters, from the years of youth study to maturity.
Being able to take the opportunity to offer this complete to the Artistic Director of the Festival PianoEchos Sergio Marchegiani was almost a natural event. After many years of career we have the privilege of confronting each other, almost in a single ideal breath (15 Sonatas in just over 24 hours!), With the entire artistic path of one of the greatest geniuses in the history of music.

Claudio Voghera and Francesco Manara

Concert No. 1 and 2
Concert No. 3 and 4