• Jumelage

    The twinning of PianoEchos
    with the Festival des Grandes Crus

In 2016 Echos and PianoEchos Festivals twinned with the Festival Musicales des Grandes Crus de Bourgogne.

This twinning is based on the many common elements shared by the two organisations, including the almost simultaneous additions of Burgundy and Monferrato to the UNESCO World Heritage list.
On 16 July 2016, with the invaluable help of Mon.D.O, a presentation of Monferrato and its food and wine products was held in Meursault to great success.
In spring 2020 a Burgundian delegation will return the visit, to complete the happy union between the two territories. The twinning will also be officially presented in a double event at the French Embassy in Rome and the Italian Embassy in Paris.
This twinning was made possible thanks to the increased recognition and appreciation of Echos and PianoEchos on the Italian and European scenes. The goal is to broaden the festival’s horizons, fully implementing the original plan of a meeting place for artists from all over the world, and an ever wider and more passionate and appreciative audience.